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  • The Ziath DataPaq™ Handheld reader is a truly portable scanner which can be held and operated in one hand; leaving the other free for tube handling.


    Key features

    • Compatible with all tubes
    • Portable, independent and compact
    • No external computer or tablet needed


    Easy to set-up and easy to use

    The handheld tube scanner requires no external computer and is easily operated with one hand; leaving the other hand free to manipulate tubes.  The software is pre-loaded and boots up immediately with a battery life of up to a week with casual use.  This device allows you to scan tubes standing in the basement at the freezer or liquid nitrogen tank.  Even out in the field acquiring samples.


    Operation modes

    The scanner has four operation modes:

    • Barcode Scanning – Scan a tube barcode to view it on the screen
    • Picklist – Enter a picklist using the associated Client and scan the tubes with the handheld device to ensure you have the correct tubes while at the freezer
    • Data View – Scan a barcode to see the details of the sampe in the tube
    • Data Entry – Scan a barcode and enter the information on the same to store


    Client app

    To assist with the transfer of data on and off the handheld so that it can be used in environments with no computer network available the handheld comes with an associated client application to help define the data to store and load/unload it onto the handheld. This allows you to go into the deepest darkest corners of your sample storage and still be able to access your data!

  • Setting new standards for 2D barcode rack scanners. Easy to set up and easy to use.


    Key features

    • The most compact camera based SBS 2D rack scanner available
    • Low profile allows use on robotic integrations for liquid handling systems
    • Innovative and unique scanning technology (patent pending)
    • Scans all current, commonly used, SBS format racks
    • Scans acoustic tube racks in seconds (i.e. AcoustiX)
    • Economically priced


    Easy to set-up and easy to use

    The DataPaq™ Mirage 2D scanner offers easy, out-of-the-box set up and is delivered pre-calibrated and ready to scan.

    This instrument can scan all commonly used racks in the SBS format, and its low profile means that it can be easily added into liquid handling platforms and other automation systems. The low profile and economic price makes the Mirage the perfect replacement for a traditional flat bed scanner.

  • The Ziath DataPaq™ Single-Tube Scanner scans single all 2D datamatrix barcoded tubes. Simply hold the tube to the large scanner window and the code is instantly displayed, or in keyboard wedge mode the code is added directly into your application. The scanner window is mineral glass, to prevent scratching and extending the instrument lifetime.


    Key features

    • Camera based instrument results in fast scan time
    • Compatible with all 2D datamatrix coded tubes and labels
    • Keyboard wedge mode allows decoded data export into any application
    • Operating systems: Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP
    • Free software upgrades for life
    • Simple installation procedure – ready to run minutes after taking out of the box
    • Compact size
    • Durable construction with 2 year full guarantee
    • Mineral glass scanning window is resistant to scratching
    • Ziath’s expertise and support come as standard


    Easy to set-up and easy to use

    The DataPaq™ Single-Tube Scanner offers easy set-up, straight out of the box, with only a few minutes needed to install the application software. The instrument is provided already calibrated and the scanner can read all 2D datamatrix coded tubes. The software offers a keyboard wedge mode which allows you to enter the decoded data directly into your application. The large scan window makes it easy to present the tubes, even when wearing cryoprotective or contamination clothing. A single USB connection is all that the Single Tube scanner needs for power and data communication.


    Cryoprotection™ Option

    The formation of condensation on the instrument window whilst scanning tubes straight from cryogenic storage is a well known problem. Ziath’s Cryoprotection™ is a special coating that eliminates the condensation and ensures uninterrupted scanning. Ziath’s method for eliminating condensation uses no extra electrical components, resulting in no risk of accidentally thawing your samples, increased reliability and ensuring that the cost of this option is at acceptable levels.

  • Automated spraying device for reagent transfer onto TLC/HPTLC plates.


    The Derivatizer is used for automated reagent transfer in the derivatization of thin-layer chromatograms and sets a new standard of reproducibility by employing a unique “micro droplet” spraying technology (patented). The Derivatizer ensures homogeneity and convenience in applying derivatization reagents, and offers other advantages as compared to manual spraying and immersion. The device is suitable for all common reagents. To meet the divergent physicochemical properties of the reagents, e.g. viscosity, four different color-coded nozzles are available, and the user can select from six spraying modes.


    Key Features

    • Unsurpassed homogeneous reagent distribution
    • Environmentally friendly and safe handling through a closed system
    • Reproducible and user-independent results
    • Low reagent consumption (2-4 mL)
    • Hood for 20 x 10 cm and/or 20 x 20 cm plates
    • Intuitive handling and easy cleaning.




  • With the sample clean-up system DEXTech 16, LCTech developed a sensation for PCB and dioxin analysis. With our extensive experience as a specialist in automated sample preparation, we set a new and unique standard: the fully automated clean-up of 16 samples in 1 sequence: for food, feed, environmental and biological samples. The system separates PCBs and dioxins in one fraction each.


    DEXTech 16 processes 16 samples fully automated and unattended in one sequence around the clock, day and night. Your samples are quantitatively loaded one after the other via an autosampler. Afterwards  they are transferred via the sample loop onto the 3-column setup of the system. The sample clean-up is based on the expertise gained on the DEXTech Pure system using an acidic silica gel column, an aluminium oxide column, and a carbon column.


    The preparation time for a full sequence is only 30 minutes. Besides the standard methods already stored in the system, you can freely parameterize, save and change up to 28 additional methods at any time. This allows you to configure your DEXTech 16 system for each sample according to your requirements.

  • Samples like PFADs or stearin get solid at room temperature. DEXTech Heat has been developed especially for these samples.


    Your sample remains liquid during the entire clean-up process without any additional manual handling, as the system heats it at all necessary positions. An automated “walk-away”-solution with the certainty that your sample is processed reliably without clogging.


    All involved components from sample vial to loading onto the first column are constantly heated via three heating zones. The temperature of the heating zones can be set individually via a control unit.

  • DEXTech Plus sets new standards in regards of flexibility, reducing costs per sample and effortless handling.


    The system is based on a 3-column-concept and necessitates a remarkable processing time of only 35 minutes. Hence, only one system is required (= one flow path) to process 3.500 samples per year. Solvent consumption per run is very low.


    By using different types of columns and free parametrization of methods, you have the opportunity to configure the DEXTech Plus system according to your requirements for each sample.


    Evaluated standard methods, e.g. the default SMART method for processing in 35 minutes, are stored in DEXTech Plus. Additionly, the user can freely parameterise methods and save them in the system. The saved methods can be opened and modified via the password-protected touch screen at any time and then be saved again with a different name.

  • DEXTech Pure offers the unique clean-up of PCBs and dioxins in one “pure” fraction each. This is the perfect solution for customers interested especially in measuring PCBs and dioxins separately within one GC-MS run each or also for customers interested only in PCB analysis, as it is often relevant in the environmental sector. In this case DEXTech Pure offers a 2-column-method reducing the run time. DEXTech Pure looks the same as DEXTech Plus, but is modified in terms of fluidics and methods.


    DEXTech Pure thus enables the fully separation of PCBs and dioxins based on aluminium oxide. Besides this new method, the conventional clean-up method, as it is established on DEXTech Plus already on aluminium oxide column in its fast and economic method, can also be used.


    The DEXTech Pure system is designed with a 3-column set-up, like DEXTech Plus. Depending on the individual requirements, matrix or desired method, the user can load the DEXTech Pure with different set-ups, simply insert the respective columns – “just click it”. No screw connections, no tools, no other manual steps.

    From sample to sample – fast, flexible, effortless.

    • Acidic silica gel column: depending on the sample SMART column (samples of up to 1,5 g fat) or Universal column (sample of up to 5 g fat)
      Easy and fast change between Universal and SMART-columns by fitting an adapter.
    • Aluminium oxide column 
    • Carbon column: reusable
    • Advantage: Cost saving for “pure” PCB analysis, because the carbon column is not needed and replaced by a dummy column.

    The Diluter Dispensers features 2 models. A single syringe drive that can be fitted with syringes from 50µl to 25ml and an 8-Syringe Drive unit that can accommodate Syringes from 50 µl to 5ml.


    These very precise high-resolution diluting and dispensing pumps capable of dispensing 1/25th of the Syringe Volume with better than 1% inaccuracy.

  • DP200Valveless, high precision micro dosing pump with digital flow-rate control. It is covered by an acid-proof housing with a keypad which allows to set all dosing parameters easily (e.g. volume, flow rateor, flow direction). ISO9001 and the GLP guidelines require regular checking and recalibration of measuring instruments. In order to simplify this, the DP200 has an integrated calibration function. The DP200 is available with different pump heads: (20/200/300).


    • No glass piston, no valves, minimal dead volume
    • Minimal dispensing volume: 1/10/20μl
    • All wetted parts are made of ceramic (99,7% Al2O3) and PVDF
    • Integrated calibration function
    • PC interface.
  • The DSR is a unique offline dissolution sampling system that was specially designed for using with tablet dissolution bath. The DSR can provide simultaneous sample collection from 6 to 12 vessels.


    High precision valve-less ceramic pumps are integrated into DSR. The system can be completed with dilution and media refilling modules. The display shows all actual process information. The own controller board allows to set customized process and hardware setup data.


    Applications: Tablet dissolution Test, Dilution, Media addition.

    • Multi-channel sampling
    • Dilution module
    • Integrated high precision pumps
    • Up to 12 sampling channel
  • Ductless fume cabinet and enclosures with back-up filter system.


    Bigneat’s Chemcap Pro2 range is similar in many ways to the Chemcap Clearview models however a back-up filter is incorporated into filter housing to provide extra protection.


    Pro2 ductless fume hoods include double Chemcap carbon and/or HEPA particulate filtration. A range of three standard cabinet sizes with touch button controls and audible low airflow alarm. The work surface is black which highlights spillages. This cabinet has a trapezium front access as standard with double hinged flaps for easy access to cabinet interior. Two service ports with covers are supplied in the side panels.