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  • IDIS delivers multiple applications for Tablet Dissolution, Content Uniformity and Sample Processing applications for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Environmental analysis disciplines. Method and Data records are managed using Oracle and MySQL high end databases with ALS powerful multiple field query form which display records from searches.


    IDIS controls over 130 different instruments using software drivers developed by ALS. This allows applications to be configured using HPLC CDS, UV Visible Spectrophotometers, XYZ Autosamplers, Diluter Dispensers and Spectrofluorimeter, Tablet Dissolution Baths, Pumps, pH and Conductivity Meters, Filters Stations etc.


    IDIS is developed under stringent GAMP and ISO9001 environments and results are managed on stand-alone or networked data stations.

    • Unique open connectivity provides customised control of various instruments.
    • For dissolution testing, IDIS control Baths from Agilent, Caleva, Copley, Distek, Electrolab, Erweka, Hanson, Pharmatest, Logan, Sotax and Varian (Vankel).
    • Spectrophotometer drivers for ALS, Agilent, Beckman, Biochrom, Cecil, Jena, Perkin Elmer, PGI, Shimadzu and Thermo (Unicam).
    • HPLC drivers from Agilent and Waters with Generic HPLC Driver for other HPLC systems, Shimadzu for example.
    • Pumps: Peristaltic, Syringe and Metering Pumps.
    • Valves for automating sampling and Media Change.
    • Fixed wavelength or full spectra acquisition.
    • Full sample analysis with plotting of profile in real time.
    • View live real-time results on networked workstation in real time.
    • Real time background absorption correction for excipients.
    • Multi-component analysis with unique Chemometrics for turbidity samples. No need to use other software packages for calculations. Post edit results to save re-running experiments.
    • Measurement of Blank, multiple standards for standard check, System Suitability, Pre and Post run measurement and calibration curve.
    • Group samples with different wavelengths, media volume and media type for method development or comparison against competitor products.
    • Automating pH media change with unique functionality for measurement of pH in Vessels.
    • Run multiple baths on one spectrophotometer and physically up to 4 baths on one PC.




    IDIS records are stored on local or network database using multiple fields to store and find records. Data is cached to the IDIS database as it is acquired thus providing access to data acquired in the event of power failure.

    • Considerable time saving by centralised administrative tasks.
    • Results stored centrally for secure backup,
    • Intelligent searching for method and data records using multiple filtering such as project Groups, user names, date, project names, date and year etc.
    • Results can be accessed from any remote workstation or client anywhere in the world
    • Remote configuration and reporting.
    • Fault tolerant database stores local workstation analysis data in case of server disconnection or failure. There is no data is lost if the server is disconnected.



    User Interface

    Applications in IDIS are built using intuitive Solution Path Technology where methods are constructed by linking icons representing drivers to each other to create methods. This approach to creating methods makes it simple, intuitive and reduces the number of dialogues for method details. The links show graphically how instruments are used for the application.

    Once the IDIS methods are designed, the graphical interface can be copied into word, Excel, etc., to aid report writing for SOP’s, and on the application.



    Data Management

    Quality results from analysis are very important. These represent many days, months and man years of work time so organising this precious commodity so that it is secured, can be easily backed up and restored; and specific results easily found and loaded for review and printing is very important.

    IDIS applications use Oracle and MySQL databases for centralised data storage and networking. This provides sound data integrity and reliability especially required for network solutions. Multiple fields make it easy to find the results from tests with optional simple SQL querying filters to enhancing searches.


  • Semi-automatic septum cap or sealing mat applicator for SBS-format tube racks.


    Key features

    • Applying friction sealing mats/caps to SBS format tube racks.
    • Electronic system, no air required
    • Innovative and unique scanning technology (patent pending)
    • Reproducible
    • Quick


    Easy to set-up and easy to use

    The new ImpressiOn from Ziath has been designed to take the strain out of applying friction sealing mats or septum sealing caps to SBS format tube racks. Simply place your rack or plate with its attendant friction mat or septum cap web in the drawer and push it firmly shut. Initiate sealing with the large, glove- friendly start button and the sophisticated electronics take over, applying reproducible and even pressure every time to force the septum seals down into each tube. Time after time, ImpressiOn does the hard work for you. It’s more reproducible, quicker and less likely to cause a strain injury than trying to do this manually. The compact unit requires only a 110v or 220v power supply to operate and is small enough to sit on most lab benches.


    ImpressiOn will work with most commercially available septum cap mats and different manufacturers 2D-coded and uncoded tubes in SBS-format racks. Both friction and septum seals for 96-, 48- and 24-tube plates have been shown to work well in ImpressiOn.

  • Automated, Electronic Caliper for Nursery Inventory Management.

    Tired of bending over to perform the tedious task of counting and sizing nursery stock? Put down the pen and paper and stand up straight! InstaCaliper allows you to quickly measure nursery stock out in the field while standing upright—and beats using traditional handcalipers. Measuring nursery stock is easy with the InstaCaliper. Slide the InstaCaliper’s two prongs around a tree, bush, or shrub to log trunk diameter automatically. No need to align rulers and record sizes and counts manually. Read more, or contact us to learn how you can improve inventory management with the InstaCaliper!

  • To build your individual leaching test or percolation column test system (regarding NEN 7343, DIN19528 and DIN EN 14405), you can combine TC50, TC100 test columns and all of our multichannel pumps pump heads. The pumps will be built in a control module that fits the number of your different test columns. The control module support up to 8 test channel. Each test channel consist of one pump and automatic multichannel valves (4-or 7-way valves).-Modular design: 1 to 8 channel-Logging of process data-Free programmable application settings-PC controlled or offline application process.

  • With the Linomat 5 samples are sprayed onto TLC/HPTLC plates in the form of bands with nitrogen or compressed air. Application is automatic, only changing the syringe (filling, inserting and rinsing) is manual. The Linomat 5 is suitable for small sample throughput.


    Application is automatic, only changing the syringe (filling, inserting and rinsing) is manual.


    Key Features

    • Semi-automatic application
    • Application of spots or bands
    • Any plate format up to 20 x 20 cm
    • Spray-on application
    • Data input through visionCATS software or keypad.


    Software-controlled operation with visionCATS

    The Linomat 5 is controlled by visionCATS, the new generation of HPTLC software. Instrument handling is now easier and more convenient. Simply select a plate format, fill in the sequence table and start working. With visionCATS, the Linomat 5 can be IQ/OQ qualified and used in a cGMP environment.


    Operation in stand-alone mode

    For those who use the Linomat 5 infrequently stand-alone mode is available. Up to ten methods can be entered either manually via the keypad or downloaded to the instrument from a computer running a licensed visionCATS program. In stand-alone mode the keypad is used to enter application parameters or to select a saved method.


  • Marly Skin voor hand- en huidverzorging, de schuim werkt veelzijdig en is niet vet. Het gebruik is eenvoudig en kan worden gebruikt in een groot aantal situaties.

    Het gebruik van Marly Skin is eenvoudig en kan worden gebruikt in een groot aantal situaties, van werkvloer tot privedomein. *Marly Skin kan niet gebruikt worden als vervanger van disposable handschoenen.

  • Hudson’s Micro10x™ Reagent Dispenser provides a combination of fast filling speeds, high accuracy and extreme flexibility ordinarily found only among large, expensive liquid handling robots. It has a very small footprint saving benchspace. The Micro10x accurately dispenses liquids in volumes down to low microliter range, and is the only small dispenser capable of tip-touchoff to ensure a clean dispense of high surface-tension fluids. It’s positive-displacement pump head is adjustable in increments of 10nL and never requires recalibration. 


    The leading competitor needs constant calibration and the purchase of replacement dispensing cassettes. The pump is available in two different sizes (0.25″ or 0.375″ barrel) to maximize accuracy at low and high volumes. The Micro10x microplate dispenser can be used as a stand alone laboratory instrument or it can be integrated into laboratory workstation.


    The Micro10x has optional valving to allow for up to 10 bottles of reagents, buffers, culture media or solvents. It has full robotic control of the filler head, and automatically adjusts to the height AND well-pattern of any SBS-standard microplate: from low-profile 1536-well plates to tall, 96-well deep-well plates. It is well-suited to use in ELISA applications as a dispenser of conjugate and stop solutions. The Micro10x can also be used for dispensing culture media into petri dishes, OmniTrays and other plates.


    The Micro10x Reagent Dispenser can be loaded and operated manually, but is also fully-compatible with robotic arms (such as Hudson’s PlateCrane EX  microplate handler). And, because the filler head itself moves, not the plate, it can be used IN-LINE with Hudson’s LabLinx high-performance track based microplate handling system for unparalleled throughput and ease of setup. It also integrates with over 200 lab instruments made by other manufactures.


    The Micro10x offers:

    • Touch Screen programming on a new LCD Display which is small, easy to read, and very responsive to the finger.  The new pendant includes a positive mounting bracket on the base unit.
    • Graphical Image Row Selection to control the dispensing pattern
    • 96-, 384- and 1536-well filling
    • Microliter volumes dispensed 50% faster than its 8-tip counterparts
    • Tip Touch capability to touch-off droplets


    Typical Dispense times for an entire plate:

    • 15 seconds – 96 well plate, 100uL per well
    • 24 seconds – 384 well plate, 25uL per well


    Hudson’s Micro10x was designed to meet the needs of high throughput laboratory dispensing requiring economical, highly-accurate μL-level dispensing and is widely used for drug discovery or genomic and proteomic assays. Its positive-displacement pump head and tip-touchoff capability overcomes differences in fluid viscosity and surface tension so that results are consistent regardless of the fluid being dispensed.

  • The MIX-Traction – LCTech’s powerful shaker is perfectly suited forall kinds of mixing, extracting, dissolving andemulsifying.


    Quality from the very beginning.

    • Powerful vertical shaking, replaces shaking by hand
    • Touch screen for convenient operation
    • Time and shaking speed settings
    • Space and energy saving
    • For use with QuEChERS, QuEChERSER, QuPPe and other mixing, extracting, dissolving and emulsifying applications.


    Shaking by hand, e.g. in QuEChERS applications, is time-and labour consuming. The shaking can be replaced one-to-one with the MIX-TRACTION – QuEChERS Shaker. This gives you not only the same good extraction results, it ensures that all samples are shaken under identical conditions. It allows you to have more time for other important tasks in the lab. The powerful motor allows gentle shaking to violent agitation with shaking speeds of up to 1200 rpm. Which is enough for all of your desired applications. The durable shaker impresses with its minimal vibrations and low noise level during operation. Shaking time and speed are set conveniently and clearly via the touch screen. If needed, without any time limits. The operation of the shaker is extremely easy and convenient. Open the cover, pull the bracket back and insert the centrifugation tubes. Close the cover and use the touch display to set the desired parameters and start.


  • Mohawk is an innovative tube selector and picker from Ziath. The system works with a linear rack reader and 96 pins that allow a tube to be raised when the rack is scanned according to a picklist.


    The use of such technology avoids slow robotics which takes minutes to process racks; instead a rack can be scanned and tubes selected then picked in seconds. Mohawk integrates with Ziath scanners to produce and verify a report of the picked rack at the end of the process.


    96 firing pins

    Mohawk has 96 pins which fire up on command to select tubes according to a predefined worklist.  Simply place the rack on Mohawk and the rack barcode is read, and the selected pins fire up to present the desired tubes.


    Intuitive software

    The system comes with intuitive software to drive the Mohawk and guide you through the picking process; reporting on progress and presenting a completed report at the end of the picklist.

  • The multi-channel pumps type MDP/MPC can be equipped with up to 14 pump modules and configured according to customer specifications.


    All pumps controllers are connected via RS485 interface and have their own slave address. The free configuration allows individual operation of each pump as well as simultaneous control of all pumps via a global slave address. A RS232 interface allows comfortable control via PC.


    • Valveless ceramic pumps
    • Freely configurable
    • RS232 Interface
    • High degree of precision
    • Large variety of pump heads available
    • Easy maintenance due to modular design.
  • The MSV2X800 Media Switcher is a microprocessor controlled Valve unit capable of controlling up to 16 3Way Solenoid Valves in 2 Blocks. The unit can be supplied with 1 Block and retrofitted with another Block.


    • The MSV2X800 Media Switcher is a microprocessor controlled Valve unit capable of controlling up to 16 3-Way Solenoid Valves in 2 Blocks. The unit can be supplied with 1 Block and retrofitted with another Block.
    • Each block can be mounted separately.
    • The MSV2X800 unit uses Dual-Voltage switching circuit technology with Pulse Width Modulation Voltage control to ensure the Valves (and hence the media running through the Valves) are kept cooled when switched.
    • The unit is supplied in separate cases, for the Controller and for each Valve Block. Wetted materials are either PEEK or FFKM (SIMRIZ, Perfluoroelastermer).
  • The MSV300 is a Media Selector capable of selecting up to 6 different Media’s and distributing each media into 7 Common ports for analytical chemistry or other applications.


    • The MSV300 is a Media Selector capable of selecting up to 6 different Media’s and distributing each media into 7 Common ports for analytical chemistry or other applications.
    • The selection can be performed through RS232 or from the keyboard.
    • There are two versions. One with ¼-28 screw fittings for the common ports for Flow rates up to about 40 ml min-1.
    • The other unit has M8 fittings for the common ports for Flow Rates up to about 150 ml min-1.