After a long development, BCON’s very first own product is a fact: The BCON LTU is almost available! The LTU (Leaching Test Unit) has been specially developed for leaching tests: the so-called column tests. But what exactly does leaching testing entail and how can our LTU make your laboratory work easier?


With leaching testing, water is continuously pumped over a soil sample at a low flow. The fractions that are subsequently collected must be weighed regularly to check whether the pumped volume actually comes out of the column. This can be an intensive and time-consuming task.


BCON has therefore now developed a fully automatic machine that can collect up to 7 fractions based on weight! The BCON LTU uses liquid valves, which automatically switch to the next fraction when a fraction is completed. In other words: manually checking the fractions is a thing of the past thanks to the BCON LTU!


Do you want to be the first to use the BCON LTU in your laboratory? Or do you simply want more information about this fully automatic leaching test unit? Then feel free to contact us without obligation. We are more than happy to provide you with the information you are looking for.


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