Mohawk is an innovative tube selector and picker from Ziath. The system works with a linear rack reader and 96 pins that allow a tube to be raised when the rack is scanned according to a picklist.


The use of such technology avoids slow robotics which takes minutes to process racks; instead a rack can be scanned and tubes selected then picked in seconds. Mohawk integrates with Ziath scanners to produce and verify a report of the picked rack at the end of the process.


96 firing pins

Mohawk has 96 pins which fire up on command to select tubes according to a predefined worklist.  Simply place the rack on Mohawk and the rack barcode is read, and the selected pins fire up to present the desired tubes.


Intuitive software

The system comes with intuitive software to drive the Mohawk and guide you through the picking process; reporting on progress and presenting a completed report at the end of the picklist.