Asbestos Inspection CabinetB3

Asbestos Inspection Cabinet is a HEPA filtered ductless safety cabinet which provides operator protection from fibres and articles.


Bigneat’s BA cabinet has excellent access through tear drops in the front panel to the cabinet interior for manipulation of the contained microscope and sample slides.


The lower panel is supplied with an aperture to accept a microscope eye piece. This will be cut to suit individual requirements prior to delivery. Cabinet may be placed onto an existing work surface or supplied with its own support stand/mobile bench. The mobile bench with castors makes the cabinet portable.


BA cabinets are available in two cabinet widths; 800 and 1000mm.


Bigneat’s BA Asbestos Inspection Cabinet is manufactured to a very high standard using only the best quality materials. The fan housing is manufactured from mild steel and is finished with an epoxy white coating. The enclosure is frameless, fabricated from optically clear acrylic which is UV stable, chemically resistant and easy to clean. A services port with a cover is provided in each side panel.


Air is drawn through the apertures in the front of the cabinet and upwards into the filtration system, clean air is returned to the room.


The cabinet is designed to operate at a minimum face velocity of 0.5 m/s which is manually adjustable. An LCD air flow indicator is supplied to provide readout of flow rate. Double hinged panels facilitate easy access to cabinet interior for cleaning and loading.