Excel Plus | Powder Weighing Station

Bigneat is an innovator in the design of laboratory safety cabinets for operator and sample/process protection. Excel Plus powder weighing stations incorporate aerofoil technology and graded rear back baffle to ensure reduced turbulence. This is to ensure precise control of horizontal air flow. Clear acrylic on front and both sides enable excellent vision of manipulations and comfort during use, whilst the black base shows eventual spilling of powder easily


Keyword for Bigneat enclosures is always: Ductless cabinet.

This means:

  • Precise control of air flow via built in fan
  • HEPA or ULPA filters are within the system
  • 175 mm access height across front window for easy manipulations
  • No connection to building extraction system, saving lots of energy (no warm air exhaust ), and no issues with air conditioning settings of the different lab spaces.


Excel Plus powder weighing stations are used for the most demanding powder handling applications, such as high accuracy weighing (micro-balance), processing of pellets, capsules and tablets containing high potent powders.

The Excel Plus cabinet in the Powder Handling enclosure range has been designed to provide the safest possible operation.