DXi-80 8-Syringe Diluter Dispenser


The DXi-80 is our multi-channel syringe pump for liquid handling applications in the 10μl to 5 ml range. The unit is available in an 8-channel configuration and is ideal for multi-probe liquid handling tasks such as sample transfer, dilutions, mixing, reagent addition and plate reformatting.


The design of the pumps offers a compact solution for parallel liquid handling applications, minimizing logistical restrictions. Customers choosing this instrument will benefit from long life, low maintenance robustness and reliability, ultimately, leading to greater satisfaction.


The DXi-80 multi-channel Syringe Pump is available with 100μl, 250μl, 500μl, 1.0 ml, 2.5 ml and 5.0 ml syringe volumes and features simultaneous multichannel operation.


This Pump uses a PTFE coated leadscrew, with anti-backlash nut, driven by a stepper motor. The travel length of the plunger is 60 mm and the drive incorporate a quadrature encoder for step loss detection.


This unit features a bidirectional communication interface (RS232, RS485, or CAN) and communication protocol. Multimodule communication is possible through either RS485 or CAN interfaces, addressing up to 15 modules through a single communication bus. The pump also provides two digital inputs and three outputs for TTL level signals that can be used for synchronisation with external devices.