The ASP2000 is a precise micro-stepping, high torque drive “workhorse” liquid handler Autosampler that delivers robust performance for fast and accurate sample preparation and direct injection into UV and HPLC systems. The ASP2000 is suitable for a wide variety of applications with the capability of piercing multiple septa with very high accuracy and repeatability. It also has the capability to inject into minute injection ports. This unique near perfect design of hardware and software perform sample processing tasks effortlessly with seamless integration with the IDIS™ data management system configurations.


    ASP2000 comes in 3 configurations: Single Need Single Probe; Multiple Needle Single Probe and Dual Probe, Single and Multiple Needle.


    The Diluter Dispensers features 2 models. A single syringe drive that can be fitted with syringes from 50µl to 25ml and an 8-Syringe Drive unit that can accommodate Syringes from 50 µl to 5ml.


    These very precise high-resolution diluting and dispensing pumps capable of dispensing 1/25th of the Syringe Volume with better than 1% inaccuracy.


    The DXi-80 is our multi-channel syringe pump for liquid handling applications in the 10μl to 5 ml range. The unit is available in an 8-channel configuration and is ideal for multi-probe liquid handling tasks such as sample transfer, dilutions, mixing, reagent addition and plate reformatting.


    The design of the pumps offers a compact solution for parallel liquid handling applications, minimizing logistical restrictions. Customers choosing this instrument will benefit from long life, low maintenance robustness and reliability, ultimately, leading to greater satisfaction.


    The DXi-80 multi-channel Syringe Pump is available with 100μl, 250μl, 500μl, 1.0 ml, 2.5 ml and 5.0 ml syringe volumes and features simultaneous multichannel operation.


    This Pump uses a PTFE coated leadscrew, with anti-backlash nut, driven by a stepper motor. The travel length of the plunger is 60 mm and the drive incorporate a quadrature encoder for step loss detection.


    This unit features a bidirectional communication interface (RS232, RS485, or CAN) and communication protocol. Multimodule communication is possible through either RS485 or CAN interfaces, addressing up to 15 modules through a single communication bus. The pump also provides two digital inputs and three outputs for TTL level signals that can be used for synchronisation with external devices.

  • IDIS delivers multiple applications for Tablet Dissolution, Content Uniformity and Sample Processing applications for the Pharmaceutical, Food and Environmental analysis disciplines. Method and Data records are managed using Oracle and MySQL high end databases with ALS powerful multiple field query form which display records from searches.


    IDIS controls over 130 different instruments using software drivers developed by ALS. This allows applications to be configured using HPLC CDS, UV Visible Spectrophotometers, XYZ Autosamplers, Diluter Dispensers and Spectrofluorimeter, Tablet Dissolution Baths, Pumps, pH and Conductivity Meters, Filters Stations etc.


    IDIS is developed under stringent GAMP and ISO9001 environments and results are managed on stand-alone or networked data stations.

    • Unique open connectivity provides customised control of various instruments.
    • For dissolution testing, IDIS control Baths from Agilent, Caleva, Copley, Distek, Electrolab, Erweka, Hanson, Pharmatest, Logan, Sotax and Varian (Vankel).
    • Spectrophotometer drivers for ALS, Agilent, Beckman, Biochrom, Cecil, Jena, Perkin Elmer, PGI, Shimadzu and Thermo (Unicam).
    • HPLC drivers from Agilent and Waters with Generic HPLC Driver for other HPLC systems, Shimadzu for example.
    • Pumps: Peristaltic, Syringe and Metering Pumps.
    • Valves for automating sampling and Media Change.
    • Fixed wavelength or full spectra acquisition.
    • Full sample analysis with plotting of profile in real time.
    • View live real-time results on networked workstation in real time.
    • Real time background absorption correction for excipients.
    • Multi-component analysis with unique Chemometrics for turbidity samples. No need to use other software packages for calculations. Post edit results to save re-running experiments.
    • Measurement of Blank, multiple standards for standard check, System Suitability, Pre and Post run measurement and calibration curve.
    • Group samples with different wavelengths, media volume and media type for method development or comparison against competitor products.
    • Automating pH media change with unique functionality for measurement of pH in Vessels.
    • Run multiple baths on one spectrophotometer and physically up to 4 baths on one PC.




    IDIS records are stored on local or network database using multiple fields to store and find records. Data is cached to the IDIS database as it is acquired thus providing access to data acquired in the event of power failure.

    • Considerable time saving by centralised administrative tasks.
    • Results stored centrally for secure backup,
    • Intelligent searching for method and data records using multiple filtering such as project Groups, user names, date, project names, date and year etc.
    • Results can be accessed from any remote workstation or client anywhere in the world
    • Remote configuration and reporting.
    • Fault tolerant database stores local workstation analysis data in case of server disconnection or failure. There is no data is lost if the server is disconnected.



    User Interface

    Applications in IDIS are built using intuitive Solution Path Technology where methods are constructed by linking icons representing drivers to each other to create methods. This approach to creating methods makes it simple, intuitive and reduces the number of dialogues for method details. The links show graphically how instruments are used for the application.

    Once the IDIS methods are designed, the graphical interface can be copied into word, Excel, etc., to aid report writing for SOP’s, and on the application.



    Data Management

    Quality results from analysis are very important. These represent many days, months and man years of work time so organising this precious commodity so that it is secured, can be easily backed up and restored; and specific results easily found and loaded for review and printing is very important.

    IDIS applications use Oracle and MySQL databases for centralised data storage and networking. This provides sound data integrity and reliability especially required for network solutions. Multiple fields make it easy to find the results from tests with optional simple SQL querying filters to enhancing searches.


  • The MSV2X800 Media Switcher is a microprocessor controlled Valve unit capable of controlling up to 16 3Way Solenoid Valves in 2 Blocks. The unit can be supplied with 1 Block and retrofitted with another Block.


    • The MSV2X800 Media Switcher is a microprocessor controlled Valve unit capable of controlling up to 16 3-Way Solenoid Valves in 2 Blocks. The unit can be supplied with 1 Block and retrofitted with another Block.
    • Each block can be mounted separately.
    • The MSV2X800 unit uses Dual-Voltage switching circuit technology with Pulse Width Modulation Voltage control to ensure the Valves (and hence the media running through the Valves) are kept cooled when switched.
    • The unit is supplied in separate cases, for the Controller and for each Valve Block. Wetted materials are either PEEK or FFKM (SIMRIZ, Perfluoroelastermer).
  • The MSV300 is a Media Selector capable of selecting up to 6 different Media’s and distributing each media into 7 Common ports for analytical chemistry or other applications.


    • The MSV300 is a Media Selector capable of selecting up to 6 different Media’s and distributing each media into 7 Common ports for analytical chemistry or other applications.
    • The selection can be performed through RS232 or from the keyboard.
    • There are two versions. One with ¼-28 screw fittings for the common ports for Flow rates up to about 40 ml min-1.
    • The other unit has M8 fittings for the common ports for Flow Rates up to about 150 ml min-1.

    PCP151L Intelligent flow peristaltic pump adopts colour LCD and touch screen technology. the operator can input the flow rate directly.Simple operation,the operating interface is intuitive.This product mainly uses in controlling the flow transmission,the highest accuracy of controlling flow is 0.5%.Unique dispensing function realises the repeat timing quantitative Dispensing.RS485 interface, as adopting the MODBUS communication protocol, the pump is easier to be connected with other equipments, such as computer, human machine interface and PLC.



    Function and Features

    • Colour LCD displaying, touch screen and keypad for operating.
    • Reversible direction, start/stop and full speed, state memory (power-down memory).
    • Speed resolution is above 0.1rpm.
    • Display and control flow rate, accumulate dispensing volume automatically.
    • Calibrating Flow function.
    • Easy dispensing function, it realizes the repeat timing quantitative dispensing, Without the time controller.
    • The operating expert system guides users setting parameters correctly.
    • Intelligent temperature-control technology reduces working noise.
    • External high-low electrical level controls the start/stop 、 reversible direction and easy dispensing function, optically coupled isolator; External analog adjusts the rotate speed.
    • RS485 interface, MODBUS protocol is available, easy to connect other equipment.
    • Internal double-deck isolation structure circuit board with conformal coating makes it dust-proof and moisture-proof.
    • Super anti-interference feature, wide input voltage range, acceptable for the complex power environment.
    • ABS plastic housing, creative streamlined appearance.
    • Can drive multi-channels and various types of pump heads.
    • Optional footswitch or timer for dispensing fluid.