Glove Tester

Device for glove integrity testing. This testing is specifically performed for isolator and microbiological boxes. 


The tester is used to test the leak tightness of gloves in oval flanges. The principle of the leak tightness test consists of testing the pneumatic tightness of gloves: pressurizing them at a set value, reading the pressure loss and evaluate the difference. 


  • The mechanical glove tester consists of a base with an inflatable seal along its perimeter, an output for compressed air into the sleeve and an input for the digital pressure sensor. There is also a flange with two buttons for pressurizing and deflating the seal and glove.
  • The tightness is tested using a pressure indicator which indicates sufficient pressure in the seal.
  • The pressure in the sleeve and any leaks are measured with the digital pressure sensor in a range of 0-4000 Pa.
  • On the face of the tester there is an ergonomic, antibacterial handle and a quick coupler for a compressed air supply by hose either directly from the output of the isolator or an external source.
  • This tester is a technically simple, straightforward, ergonomically sophisticated and cost effective piece of equipment operated solely with the use of compressed air.
  • The shape of the tester corresponds to the basic dimensions of the sleeve flange and is designed to allow convenient insertion into the tested equipment without damaging the tested glove on sharp edges. The tester flange has a larger diameter and is used as a plug.
  • Glove Tester has a function that allows the measured data to be uploaded in real time to the Siemens master system. This feature will speed up and streamline the monitoring and archiving of data from the testing process. The acquired data can be further compared with archive records for individual positions or processed into graphs.