RapidPick MP

The RapidPick MP 20 pin colony picker software is the fastest, most accurate automated colony picking system in the world.  The average inoculation rates of the MP are over 99%. The major competitors use batch picking so that there is a delay in placing colonies into the destination plate. The delay may weaken E. coli  or other bacterial colonies or cause death.


This microbial colony picker’s small footprint saves lab space and easily fits into anaerobic chambers and biosafety hoods. The typical colony picking rate is around 2,400 colonies per hour. Software Plug-Ins are available to communicate with all Hudson Robotics instruments and over 200 instruments from other manufactures such as LiCONiC incubators, media dispensers, robotic arms and more. The open physical layout allows for easy integration with other instruments and cleaning. Hudson Robotics can provide chambers to showcase your workcell. Are you interested in this solution? Then feel free to contact us without obligation.


The RapidPick MP is intended for researchers who need the accuracy and high outgrowth rates, but whose workload doesn’t require the added automation available in the other versions of the RapidPick.


When using the RapidPick MP, users can manually load a colony plate and a media-filled target plate, then start the automated picking through an easy operator interface on the instrument’s control computer.  Hudson’s RapidPick  designed to pick from  petri dishes,  Nunc™ Omnitray ™  or any SBS plates, including: 1, 6, 8, 24, 48 and 96-well plates.  They will inoculate SBS 1, 24, 96, 384, 1536 deepwell and standard height microplates.  The MP includes barcode scanners to identify barcodes on each of the source colony plate and the target growth plate, if the user’s plates are barcoded.  Then, the transfer data is saved using these barcodes to identify the resulting picked colonies.  If the user’s plates are not barcoded, the data will be saved in sequential order. With the optional 2nd destination plate the user can create both an assay plate and an archive plate. Optional fluorescence detection and zone of exclusion bacterial colony detection is available.


The RapidPick’s easy to use software enables users to create unique colony morphology sets to automate the colony picking process;

  • Select the visual parameters for automatically identifying colonies such as: Radius, Amplitude, Elongation, Conformity, Separation, Colony Color
  • Select the Source Plate format to be used
  • Select the Target Plate format
  • Select the Type of operation (colony-picking, re-arraying, plate replication, etc.)
  • Select picking segments on segmented colony plates
  • Define picking parameters and limits


Do you want more information about Hudson’s Rapidpick MP 20 pin colony picker? Then feel free to contact us without obligation.