PlateCrane EX

The PlateCrane EX™ is a microplate handler for laboratory automation which is optimized for handling labware in the “SBS footprint”, including microplates, reservoirs, and disposable tip racks.  The PlateCrane is optimized for loading and unloading automated lab instruments, such as microplate readers, microplate washers, automatable centrifuges and reagent dispensers. The PlateCrane microplate stacker is heavily used in assay development, cell biology, bioassay validation, DNA quantification, PCR setup and cleanup and high-throughput drug screening.


The PlateCrane EX robotic arm features state-of-the-art controls and a new, rugged design. Never has lab automation been easier and more reliable. Interfaces are available to more than 150 microplate-based instruments, including virtually every reader, lab incubator, dispenser and pipettor commonly used in laboratories today. It has a capacity of up to 450 microplates, and makes it easy to configure a wide range of automation workcells.


The PlateCrane is available in a standard configuration, with 345° of horizontal rotation, and an advanced model, the SciClops™, which offers unlimited rotation.  Also, both models offer a “Random Access” configuration where plates are stacked in shelves for random selection.


The PlateCrane EX™ is supplied with Hudson’s SoftLinx™ laboratory automation scheduling software. SoftLinx provides scheduling capability and an easy-to-use icon-based drag and drop Method Editor.


The PlateCrane EX™ can be part of a larger microplate transportation system by increasing the number of available stacks or combining it with the LabLinx microplate track based delivery system.