TLC Visualizer 3

Professional imaging and documentation system for TLC/HPTLC chromatograms and other planar objects with a state-of-the-art digital CCD camera, connected by USB 3.0.


The visual presentation of the complete chromatogram showing all samples and standards side by side is one of the most convincing arguments for (High-Performance) Thin-Layer Chromatography. No other chromatographic technique can directly express the result as a color image and make it available for visual evaluation.

To reproducibly acquire and preserve best quality images of TLC/HPTLC chromatograms under different illuminations this high-end imaging and documentation system is available. With its digital CCD camera a maximum resolution of 82 μm on the plate is obtained.

For electronic image acquisition the camera – like the human eye – captures polychromatic visible light. Under white light illumination it is the light reflected from the layer background. Under long-wavelength UV light (366 nm) it is the light emitted by fluorescent substances. When short-wavelength UV light (254 nm) is used, substances absorbing UV 254 appear as dark zones, provided the layer contains a fluorescence indicator (fluorescence quenching).


Key Features

  • CCD camera
  • Illumination under UV 254 nm, UV 366 nm, and white light
  • Side by side comparison of tracks with Comparison Viewer
  • Image-based evaluation
  • Any plate format up to 20 x 20 cm
  • Software-controlled with visionCATS.


TLC Visualizer 2 Operated Under VisionCATS

TLC Visualizer 2 Operated Under VisionCATS

visionCATS organizes the workflow of TLC/HPTLC, controls the involved CAMAG instruments, and manages data. Professional image acquisition and documentation of TLC/HPTLC chromatograms ensuring highest reproducibility is the major purpose of the TLC Visualizer 2.

For the evaluation of acquired images sophisticated enhancement tools and also functions for annotation and determination of position (RF) are required. This is where visionCATS comes into play and virtually unleashes the power of TLC/HPTLC. visionCATS features a powerful database at its heart, enabling an all new sample-based approach. The state-of-the-art software supports low-noise, high-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) and includes a comprehensive set of image enhancement tools. With the “Comparison Viewer”, tracks originating from the same or different plates and/or different illumination modes can be compared on the same screen side by side which allows the creation of „virtual plates“. Detailed on-screen instructions effectively guide the user through the image acquisition process.