• Looking for a way to automate data entry, improve payroll accuracy, cut labor costs, andreceive a quick ROI? Try 2nd Sight’s FairPickLite, an electronic harvest scale package thatoffers growers increased labor data capture flexibility in addition to the same benefits as our FairPick Pro mobile scale unit. Forget the hassle of punch cards! FairPick Lite without the frame is perfect for growing operations where pickers stay in the same area or come to a central location to receive credit for produce picked. Read more, or contact us to learn why FairPick Lite is a better way to harvest! Pickers always on the move? Purchase the rugged, mobile cart with your Lite system.

  • FairPick automates hand-harvesting produce. FairPickPro’s easy-to-transport weighing station includes an NTEP-certified scale with sunlight-readable instructional screen. In the field, the FairPick weighing station gives your pickers clear voice commands in multiple, user-selected languages. The FairPick is a mobile time clock that records accurate clock in and clock out times for minimum wage, non-productive, and break calculations. From the onlineCustomer Portal, growers manage employees and other harvest information. RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology allows the grower to program individual weighing stations with specific configuration settings and link employees, container RFID tags, and other information to each weigh entry. Read more or contact us, to learn why FairPick Pro is a better weigh to harvest!

  • Electronic Hourly and Piecework LaborTracking for Farm, Orchard, Vineyard, Greenhouse, and Nursery Operations, the FairTrak is a flexible tracking solution that allows the user to customize the type of data collected with a Ruggedized Handheld Computer (RHC). The FairTrak app provides the frame work for electronically recording any number of hourly and piecework tasks. We designed the software to meet the needs of many different agriculture operations. The RHC reads both RFID tags and 1D barcodes to accommodate many workflows. Every logged task receives a date and time stamp as well as GPS coordinates. The possibilities are endless—you’ll keep finding new ways to use FairTrak. Go paperless, keep organized digital records, and get the data you need to run payroll and make better farm management decisions. Read more, or contact us to learn why FairTrak is your Flexible Labor Tracking Solution. Robust hardware. Flexible software. Powerful data!

  • Automated, Electronic Caliper for Nursery Inventory Management.

    Tired of bending over to perform the tedious task of counting and sizing nursery stock? Put down the pen and paper and stand up straight! InstaCaliper allows you to quickly measure nursery stock out in the field while standing upright—and beats using traditional handcalipers. Measuring nursery stock is easy with the InstaCaliper. Slide the InstaCaliper’s two prongs around a tree, bush, or shrub to log trunk diameter automatically. No need to align rulers and record sizes and counts manually. Read more, or contact us to learn how you can improve inventory management with the InstaCaliper!

  • TallyTrak is a simple push button app for digitally counting tree sizes and is an ideal measuring tool for counting nursery, forestry, and landscaping inventory. Log height, width, diameter, or circumference in millimeters (mm), centimeters (cm), meters (m), inches (in), and feet (ft). With each count, log date, time, variety, GPS, custom location, grades, and much more!



    TallyTrak App

    • Select the tree, shrub, or fruit and desired identifiers
    • Press the “plus” button to increase the count
    • Press and hold the “plus” button to enter large counts
    • Press the “minus” button to remove counts
    • Press and hold “minus” to delete specific counts (tree, shrub, or fruit) 
    • Upload the data to your web Portal account or save to a CSV file


    Web Portal

    • Correct or modify the tree, shrub, or fruit records
      • Edit variety, location, grade, and more
      • Adjust the height, width, diameter, or circumference
    • View tree, shrub, or fruit reports
      • Generate reports on height, width, diameter, or circumference range
      • Generate reports on variety, location, grade, and more