Electronic Hourly and Piecework LaborTracking for Farm, Orchard, Vineyard,Greenhouse, and Nursery OperationsThe FairTrak is a flexible tracking solution that allows the user to customize the type of data collected with a Ruggedized Handheld Computer (RHC). The FairTrak app provides the frame work for electronically recording any number of hourly and piecework tasks. We designed the software to meet the needs of many different Ag operationsThe RHC reads both RFID tags and 1D barcodes to accommodate many workflows. Every logged task receives a date and time stamp as well as GPS coordinates. The possibilities are endless—you’ll keep finding new ways to use FairTrak. Go paperless, keep organized digital records, and get the data you need to run payroll and make better farm management decisions. Read more, or contact us to learn why FairTrak is your Flexible Labor TrackingSolution.Robust hardware. Flexible software. Powerful data!