DEXtech Plus

DEXTech Plus sets new standards in regards of flexibility, reducing costs per sample and effortless handling.


The system is based on a 3-column-concept and necessitates a remarkable processing time of only 35 minutes. Hence, only one system is required (= one flow path) to process 3.500 samples per year. Solvent consumption per run is very low.


By using different types of columns and free parametrization of methods, you have the opportunity to configure the DEXTech Plus system according to your requirements for each sample.


Evaluated standard methods, e.g. the default SMART method for processing in 35 minutes, are stored in DEXTech Plus. Additionly, the user can freely parameterise methods and save them in the system. The saved methods can be opened and modified via the password-protected touch screen at any time and then be saved again with a different name.