D-EVA vacuum concentrator

D-EVA (Dioxin-Evaporation) is a brilliant solution for fast, parallel, and reproducible evaporation of 1 – 26 samples. The number of samples to be processed in the rotor is irrelevant in this regard. The system concentrates your samples with vacuum and energy supply via light to a low volume and reliable prevents evaporation to dryness due to a special LCTech sensor.


Automatic Stop for Unattended Processing

The LCTech sensor allows reliable evaporation nearly to dryness or as usually to a final volume of 30 to 100 µL for the PCDD/F-Fraction (F2) or a final volume of 300 to 500 µL for the PCB-Fraction (F1). Even with rinsing, the subsequent transfer into the insert of a GC-vial is possible. Due to design and the special technology, memory effect that would lead to unwanted further evaporation after the system has been switched off, is reliable excluded.