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    The Afla-OtaCLEAN columns are available in the practical 3 mL polypropylene format, which has significant handling advantages over columns with a smaller inner diameter. The column bed consists of a soft-gel, separated by frits to ensure highest recoveries for both toxin types, which is covered by a storage buffer. The storage buffer contains a preservative. Afla-OtaCLEAN was developed for the sample preparation within the food analysis via HPLC with fluorescence detection and  LC-MS, respectively.


    Advantages at a Glance

    • 3 mL format
    • Shelf life: 18 months at room temperature between 4 and 30 °C
    • Capacity Aflatoxin B1: 150 ng Aflatoxin B1
    • Capacity Ochratoxin A: 200 ng Ochratoxin A
    • Best recoveries: B1 > 90 %, B2 > 80 %, G1 > 90 %, G2 > 60 %, ochratoxin A > 90 %
    • Suitable for automated processing
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    Immunoaffinity Columns for Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 und G2.

    The AflaCLEAN columns are available in the practical 3 mL polypropylene format. The shelf life of the columns is 24 months at storage temperature between 4 and 30°C. The maximum loading capacity is 150 ng B1 absolute.


    AflaCLEAN Select

    Immunoaffinity Columns for Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 und G2

    The AflaCLEAN Select columns are available in a convenient 3 mL polypropylene format or additionally as 1 mL version. Shelf life is 9 months cooled at 4 to 8°C. The loading capacity is 200 ng Aflatoxin B1.



    Small + Fast + Economical = SMART

    The immunoaffinity columns AflaCLEAN SMART columns are available in small polypropylene format, which has significant handling and storage advantages over larger columns.


    Read more about the Aflatoxin columns in the brochure in downloads.

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    AflaCLEAN M1 Select

    Immunoaffinity Columns for Clean-up of Aflatoxin M1

    The AflaCLEAN M1 Select columns are available in a 3 mL polypropylene format. The quality of the columns is so high that even in difficult matrices, e.g. baby food, excellent results can be achieved.



    Immunoaffinity Columns for Clean-up of Aflatoxin M1

    To speed up processing, the SMART format of the immunoaffinity columns is a good option. With a sample processing time of less than 20 minutes, the total processing time is significantly reduced in comparison with the 3 mL columns.


    Read more about the AflaCLEAN M1 Columns in the Brochure in downloads.

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    LCTech columns are ready-to-use. DEXTech 16, DEXTech Pure, DEXTech Plus and DEXTech Heat are designed with a 3-column setup using an acidic silica column (pos. 1), an aluminium-oxide or florisil column (pos. 2), or a carbon column (pos. 3). Simply click in the respective columns in the column tower- “just click it”. Afterwards a patented mechanism of the system automatically locks the tower. No screw connections, no tools, no other manual steps. From sample to sample – fast, flexible, effortless.


    Variety of columns:

    Position 1: Universal or SMART Column

    Depending on the individual requirements, matrix or desired method, each dioxin-system of the DEXTech product family can be equipped with different ready-to-use column setups:


    Universal Column:

    • The fat can be degraded by the acidic silica gel, which is impregnated with concentrated sulphuric acid. The user has visual control due to the glass material of the column.
    • The loading capacity of the Universal column is with 5 g of fat very high, and is essential in order to achieve the low detection limits.
      Due to a special silver nitrate layer, the Universal column is suitable for all kind of matrices, even for those containing Sulphur.


    SMART Column:

    • For samples with content of up to 1.5 g fat or a small matrix load
      Advantage: Significantly reduced amount of solvent as well as the processing time

    Easy change between Universal and SMART column by using the adapter.


    Position 2: Aluminium-Oxide or Florisil Column

    • Suitable for DEXTech 16, DEXTech Pure, DEXTech Plus and DEXTech Heat
    • Depending on amount and composition of target fractions the Florisil column can also be used at this position in DEXTech Plus.


    Position 3: Carbon Column

    • Reusable up to 10 times: this reduces the already low column cost
    • Advantage for DEXTech Pure, DEXTech 16 and DEXTech Heat:Cost saving for “pure” PCB analysis, because the carbon column is not needed and replaced by a dummy column.
  • D-EVA (Dioxin-Evaporation) is a brilliant solution for fast, parallel, and reproducible evaporation of 1 – 26 samples. The number of samples to be processed in the rotor is irrelevant in this regard. The system concentrates your samples with vacuum and energy supply via light to a low volume and reliable prevents evaporation to dryness due to a special LCTech sensor.


    Automatic Stop for Unattended Processing

    The LCTech sensor allows reliable evaporation nearly to dryness or as usually to a final volume of 30 to 100 µL for the PCDD/F-Fraction (F2) or a final volume of 300 to 500 µL for the PCB-Fraction (F1). Even with rinsing, the subsequent transfer into the insert of a GC-vial is possible. Due to design and the special technology, memory effect that would lead to unwanted further evaporation after the system has been switched off, is reliable excluded.

  • With the sample clean-up system DEXTech 16, LCTech developed a sensation for PCB and dioxin analysis. With our extensive experience as a specialist in automated sample preparation, we set a new and unique standard: the fully automated clean-up of 16 samples in 1 sequence: for food, feed, environmental and biological samples. The system separates PCBs and dioxins in one fraction each.


    DEXTech 16 processes 16 samples fully automated and unattended in one sequence around the clock, day and night. Your samples are quantitatively loaded one after the other via an autosampler. Afterwards  they are transferred via the sample loop onto the 3-column setup of the system. The sample clean-up is based on the expertise gained on the DEXTech Pure system using an acidic silica gel column, an aluminium oxide column, and a carbon column.


    The preparation time for a full sequence is only 30 minutes. Besides the standard methods already stored in the system, you can freely parameterize, save and change up to 28 additional methods at any time. This allows you to configure your DEXTech 16 system for each sample according to your requirements.

  • Samples like PFADs or stearin get solid at room temperature. DEXTech Heat has been developed especially for these samples.


    Your sample remains liquid during the entire clean-up process without any additional manual handling, as the system heats it at all necessary positions. An automated “walk-away”-solution with the certainty that your sample is processed reliably without clogging.


    All involved components from sample vial to loading onto the first column are constantly heated via three heating zones. The temperature of the heating zones can be set individually via a control unit.

  • DEXTech Plus sets new standards in regards of flexibility, reducing costs per sample and effortless handling.


    The system is based on a 3-column-concept and necessitates a remarkable processing time of only 35 minutes. Hence, only one system is required (= one flow path) to process 3.500 samples per year. Solvent consumption per run is very low.


    By using different types of columns and free parametrization of methods, you have the opportunity to configure the DEXTech Plus system according to your requirements for each sample.


    Evaluated standard methods, e.g. the default SMART method for processing in 35 minutes, are stored in DEXTech Plus. Additionly, the user can freely parameterise methods and save them in the system. The saved methods can be opened and modified via the password-protected touch screen at any time and then be saved again with a different name.

  • DEXTech Pure offers the unique clean-up of PCBs and dioxins in one “pure” fraction each. This is the perfect solution for customers interested especially in measuring PCBs and dioxins separately within one GC-MS run each or also for customers interested only in PCB analysis, as it is often relevant in the environmental sector. In this case DEXTech Pure offers a 2-column-method reducing the run time. DEXTech Pure looks the same as DEXTech Plus, but is modified in terms of fluidics and methods.


    DEXTech Pure thus enables the fully separation of PCBs and dioxins based on aluminium oxide. Besides this new method, the conventional clean-up method, as it is established on DEXTech Plus already on aluminium oxide column in its fast and economic method, can also be used.


    The DEXTech Pure system is designed with a 3-column set-up, like DEXTech Plus. Depending on the individual requirements, matrix or desired method, the user can load the DEXTech Pure with different set-ups, simply insert the respective columns – “just click it”. No screw connections, no tools, no other manual steps.

    From sample to sample – fast, flexible, effortless.

    • Acidic silica gel column: depending on the sample SMART column (samples of up to 1,5 g fat) or Universal column (sample of up to 5 g fat)
      Easy and fast change between Universal and SMART-columns by fitting an adapter.
    • Aluminium oxide column 
    • Carbon column: reusable
    • Advantage: Cost saving for “pure” PCB analysis, because the carbon column is not needed and replaced by a dummy column.
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    Both performance and user comfort of the FREESTYLE systems are significantly enhanced through the extensive range of accessories.


    In the following you will find a number of interesting options:

    • Upgrades for more solvents
    • Holder for solvent bottles
    • Barcode reader
    • Fill level sensor
    • SPE Columns made of Glass
    • Recirculation cooler
    • UV-detector
    • GPC columns
    • The GPC test standard – Quality assurance of your GPC Column
    • Nitrogen connection.
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    The FREESTYLE system is always based on the same principle: the FREESTYLE BASIC will be equipped with the necessary modules suitable for the intended purpose. Modules can be retrofitted at any time. This makes the system responsive to changing requirements in the laboratory and perfectly suitable for both small and high-throughput laboratories.


    The FREESTYLE BASIC consists of a XYZ-robot including injection pump, sample loop, solvent distribution and double-walled needle.


    The modules, with which the BASIC element is equipped, are selected in the software. The software permits the selection of individual modules or the application of all functions within one single method.

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    Sample clean-up via GPC (gel permeation chromatography) is used for all samples in the analysis of residues and contaminants and is therefore universally applicable. he FREESTYLE GPC is a fully automated chromatographic sample preparation system, that is used for example for clean-up of food, feed and environmental samples. It complies in all areas with the requirements of general methods, e.g. L 00.00-34, EPA 3640A.


    Particularly user-friendly is the combination of the FREESTYLE GPC with the EVAporation module. The chosen fraction is collected online in the vacuum chamber and after concentration transferred into one or several vials (e.g. GC vials). The result is a sample, which can be directly introduced into the analyser.