Education Fume Cabinet | EDU

EDU Chemcap fume cabinets are ductless and have recirculatory filtration. They are made for use in education, because of the clear sides all around the cabinet teacher and students can have an excellent view into the cabinet to observe experiments. Also, the cabinet is supplied with manoeuvrable wheels, so you can freely move it around wherever you want.



The use of Chemcap carbon filtration makes sure a wide variety of vapours and fume is removed. This makes the cabinet perfect for laboratorys with mixed use. You can always contact us if you’re interested in wich chemicals are removed by the Chemcap carbon filtration.


You have access into the cabinet by the trapezium shaped front acces port. Full access can be gained by raising the double hinged front doors. This bigger acces can be used for loading, setting up and clearing away after the use of the cabinet.


The black PVC base tray is great for pointing out liquid and powder spills. The rear panel of the cabinet is supplied with 2 covered service ports, which can be used for power cable access.