Ductless Fume Cabinet Chemcap Clearview

Ductless Fume Cabinet. A range of six widths and an educational version.

When you want a ductless fume cabinet or hood to contain and remove hazardous fumes, vapours, gases and/or particulates in your laboratory turn to Chemcap Clearview.


Ductless Fume Cabinet and hoods

An economical solution for containing chemical fume hazards; a recirculatory Chemcap carbon filtration fume hood, may be supplied with a support bench, or placed directly onto the laboratory bench.


Once a laboratory is built it can be difficult to install new fume cupboards, the disruptive work of installation of ducting along with the capital cost of the equipment required and the planning consent needed, is sometimes prohibitively expensive and always time consuming.


Chemcap hoods are ductless with recirculatory filtration, they incorporate efficient ‘Chemcap’ carbon filters for fume removal and HEPA filters for particulates. They work by purifying air drawn through the filters and returning it thoroughly cleaned back to the room. Ductless fume cabinets provide additional safe ventilated space when you are running out of fume cupboard space.