The MIX-Traction – LCTech’s powerful shaker is perfectly suited forall kinds of mixing, extracting, dissolving andemulsifying.


Quality from the very beginning.

  • Powerful vertical shaking, replaces shaking by hand
  • Touch screen for convenient operation
  • Time and shaking speed settings
  • Space and energy saving
  • For use with QuEChERS, QuEChERSER, QuPPe and other mixing, extracting, dissolving and emulsifying applications.


Shaking by hand, e.g. in QuEChERS applications, is time-and labour consuming. The shaking can be replaced one-to-one with the MIX-TRACTION – QuEChERS Shaker. This gives you not only the same good extraction results, it ensures that all samples are shaken under identical conditions. It allows you to have more time for other important tasks in the lab. The powerful motor allows gentle shaking to violent agitation with shaking speeds of up to 1200 rpm. Which is enough for all of your desired applications. The durable shaker impresses with its minimal vibrations and low noise level during operation. Shaking time and speed are set conveniently and clearly via the touch screen. If needed, without any time limits. The operation of the shaker is extremely easy and convenient. Open the cover, pull the bracket back and insert the centrifugation tubes. Close the cover and use the touch display to set the desired parameters and start.