DEXtech 16

With the sample clean-up system DEXTech 16, LCTech developed a sensation for PCB and dioxin analysis. With our extensive experience as a specialist in automated sample preparation, we set a new and unique standard: the fully automated clean-up of 16 samples in 1 sequence: for food, feed, environmental and biological samples. The system separates PCBs and dioxins in one fraction each.


DEXTech 16 processes 16 samples fully automated and unattended in one sequence around the clock, day and night. Your samples are quantitatively loaded one after the other via an autosampler. Afterwards  they are transferred via the sample loop onto the 3-column setup of the system. The sample clean-up is based on the expertise gained on the DEXTech Pure system using an acidic silica gel column, an aluminium oxide column, and a carbon column.


The preparation time for a full sequence is only 30 minutes. Besides the standard methods already stored in the system, you can freely parameterize, save and change up to 28 additional methods at any time. This allows you to configure your DEXTech 16 system for each sample according to your requirements.