PlateCrane SciClops

The PlateCrane SciClops™ will change the way you think about laboratory robot systems for laboratory automation.  With the SciClops, Hudson introduces revolutionary features for lab automation flexibility and ease-of-use:  just move the SciClops near your instrument, and it does the rest! Use up to 15 microplate stacks or a microplate carousel for microplate storage. The SciClops is heavily used in assay development, cell biology, bioassay validation, DNA quantification, PCR setup and cleanup.


The SciClops enables anyone to locate the position of a microplate in the microplate stacks and in the nest of an instrument in under 1 minute per instrument. Now, you can move the SciClops robot onto a lab bench, move the instruments of the new workcell within its reach, and in minutes you will have a fully calibrated, ready-to-use automated lab workcell!


The PlateCrane SciClops is the latest version of our cylindrical robot arm that is optimized for handling common labware. This includes microplates, reservoirs, and disposable tip racks. The SciClops is ideal for loading and unloading microplate-based lab instruments, such as readers, washers and reagent dispensers.


Now, researchers who can benefit from automating their protocols, but may only need this for a few days or weeks, can get all the benefits from automation without the risk of having a workcell that lies unused when the project is done. When you’re done, just move it down the bench or into a nearby lab that can use the benefits of automating a process, and in minutes, that workcell can be up and running. A new paradigm for using lab robots begins here!


Finally, a laboratory robot arm that Teaches Itself!


Eliminates the most common problem in benchtop robot systems: mishandled plates from inaccurate, inexperienced position calibrations.


Hudson’s PlateCrane SciClops is affordable and flexible enough for automating any plate-handling task.

Its great new features include:

  • Integrated Vision Teaching
  • 40% Larger Work Envelope
  • Unlimited Rotation