Hudson’s RapidPick™ Colony Picking Systems are the only fully automated high-throughput colony picking workcells. They deliver unparalleled performance and precision for enhancing bacterial cultivation in the Life Science industry. In addition to allowing researchers to automate the selection and growth of cells grown on a colony plate, the RapidPick software retains a record and image of each specific colony and which culture plate/well it inoculated. It provides the users an indispensable, unbroken data path from original colony to final result (tracking a clone to a specific expressed protein). Are you interested in this solution? Then feel free to contact us without obligation.



The RapidPick™ Complete Colony Picker contains:

• Multi-pin picking unit (RapidPick MP)
• PlateCrane robotic arm
• 10 microplate stacks
• Micro10x media dispenser
• Adhesive plate sealer
• Stand-alone enclosure


Upgrades include optional UV and HEPA filtration, GFP fluorescence colony picking, Halo detection and a LiCONiC automated shaking incubator. The RapidPick™ system is designed to pick from SLAScompatible omni-trays, segmented colony plates, 24-well, 96-well and 384-well plates and petri dishes. It will inoculate SLAS-compatible omni-trays, 24-well, 96-well and 384-well deepwell and standard height plates. All RapidPick operations are controlled by Hudson’s powerful SoftLinx™ easy-to-use scheduling software.


Do you want more information about Hudson’s RapidPick™ Colony Picking System? Then feel free to contact us without obligation.