Freestyle XANA PFAS TableTop


The FREESTYLE XANA PFAS TableTop is well-prepared for the requirements relating to PFAS. The analytical challenges are overcome by replacing all PTFE-containing components with blank value-free materials, such as PE and PP. This enables method-compliant sample processing according to US EPA standards (e.g. 537.1, 533, 1633) and DIN 38407-42 without producing blank values.


Large volumes are not absolutely necessary in order to analyse PFAS in water. As a result, the large bottle rack of the XANA is not needed in some cases. By downscaling the bottle rack, it can now be easily transferred to the FREESTYLE, saving a huge amount of space.


Sophisticated Features

Via a special mechanism, Falcon tubes are also transferred into the processing station as eluate containers. This enables the elution solvent to be transferred efficiently and in a standard-compliant manner from the sample bottle into the Falcon tube via the SPE column.