Multi-Mycotoxin SPE-Column CrossTOX

16 Mycotoxins at One Go

The CrossTOX® columns allow a highly efficient sample clean-up of regulated and expected mycotoxins. At the same time they improve the conventional dilute-and-shoot application by a QuEChERS based process.


The following 16 mycotoxins have already been successfully tested with the CrossTOX® columns: 

  • Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2
  • Ochratoxin A
  • Zearalenone
  • Deoxynivalenol
  • Fumonisins B1, B2
  • T-2
  • HT-2
  • Nivalenol
  • 3-Acetyl-DON
  • 15-Acetyl-DON
  • DON-3Glc
  • Sterigmatocystin.


A specially adapted sorbent guarantees high depletion even with difficult matrices. With CrossTOX® grain-based matrices as well as nuts, dried fruits and spices can be processed with excellent results. The loading capacity is 3 mL (corresponds to 0.6 g matrix).